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440 Regency Parkway
Suite 136
Omaha NE 68114

Main Number: (646) 839-4040
General Fax: (646) 478-9550
Accounts Receivable: 326 East 65th Street, Box 373 NY, NY 10065


ICE IM: azuhusky1

Cell: 631-880-2546
ICE IM: pblanco

Carbon and Emerging Renewables:

ICE IM: bmartinez-bob

ICE IM: kconnolly

Kyle Godlewski,Junior Broker

Cell: 443-716-5995
ICE IM: kgodlewski

Renewable Fuels: Main Telephone (646) 805-2230

ICE IM: gcomis

Cell: 631-903-0371
ICE IM: ddecker

Cell: 832-651-4641
ICE IM: ddunlap4

ICE IM: dsteiner

Gerry Weigand (Partner)

Cell: 917-912-4581
Direct Line: 646-905-3160
ICE IM: jweigand


Cell: 281-732-8628
ICE IM: lburton2

Cell: 917-608-6949
ICE IM: jhaggerty1

Cell: 203-505-3468
ICE IM: ndeambrosio

Petroleum Products:

Cell: 201-753-8303
ICE IM: adaley

Cell: 917-670-3129
ICE IM: jkeim1

Cell: 917-608-6949
ICE IM: jhaggerty1

Contracts Administration:

Direct Line: 646-905-2186
ICE IM: sjutasi

ICE IM: kfrance

Direct Line: 646-905-2186
ICE IM: slothair

Direct Line: 646-905-2186
ICE IM: mosullivan2

To reach contracts administration or operations via phone please call directly at 646-905-2186.
All deal confirmations can be emailed to

Cell: 516-476-9912
Direct Line: 646-839-4044
ICE IM: sdomney

Charlotte Sullivan, Director of Operations

Direct Line: 646-839-4044
ICE IM: csullivan5

Monica Luca, Accounting

Cell: 917-446-7302
ICE IM: mluca-bob

Physical Addresses:

Head Office
825 S US Highway 1 Suite 100
Jupiter, FL 33477

830 Morris Turnpike Suite 308
Short Hills, NJ 07078

4295 San Felipe Street Suite 207
Houston, TX 77027

Trading futures contracts, swaps contracts and options thereof (collectively "Commodities Contracts") involves substantial risk and are not appropriate for everyone. Past performance is not indicative of future performance.